World's Worst Traffic Jam? Footage Captures LA Traffic 2 Days Before Thanksgiving

Nov 25, 2016 05:37 AM EST

The 405 motorway in southern California is one of the busiest and most congested routes in the United States. The Thanksgiving getaway rush happens every year, but this might be the worst as it may have beaten the record of the world's worst traffic jam.

Thanksgiving is the biggest holiday of the year in America, next to Christmas and New Year. People are expected to leave the big city to go home to their families. Almost everyone in America is traveling yearly to celebrate the Thanksgiving tradition.

Just as the holiday is about to begin, the 405 motorway is reportedly in "complete gridlock," with vehicles moving slowly and travelers stuck for hours along the highway. People simply had the idea that if they get started early with their holiday, they might be able to skip the long hours stuck in traffic. But they were wrong, as it seems that everybody had the same idea as well. It is quite important to note that this traffic jam happened a day before "a day before Thanksgiving". With reporters side commenting that motorists seem to be attempting the "Mannequin Challenge" as a joke.

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According to a report, social media went crazy as dozens of people upload their own photos of the traffic jam, making the spectacular event a worldwide frenzy. One even wrote, "It's called the 405 for a reason: It takes you 4 o' 5 hours to get anywhere.

Locals from LA are used to the daily buzz from the traffic as streets around the area are normally busy. However, a lot of residents have commented that this may be the worst traffic the 405 has ever been stuck with for all their lives. Both directions of the 405 are in a complete standstill and the traffic goes for miles in all directions, leading to traffic even farther than LA. 

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