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Tech Game-Changer: Phones that could Charge Within Seconds

Nov 24, 2016 10:15 AM EST
 Bulky chargers no more. Supercapacitor may outdate present-day chargers.
Bulky chargers no more. Supercapacitor may outdate present-day chargers.
(Photo : Getty Images)

With the rise of technology and innovation, there had been a number of new devices coming out in the market, but these will all be useless without working batteries and chargers. Because of this, scientists are finding ways to make phones and chargers more efficient.

Researchers have started experimenting toward the improvement of power supplies and sources for present-day devices. According to a study, there are now technologies and methods being developed that could produce superpower capacitors, a solution that may pave the way for fast charging of cellular phones. In fact, this study is so impressive that it could help make phones charge within seconds.

A team of students from the University of Central Florida has developed a flexible supercapacitor that has the ability to store a significant amount of energy and could be recharged without much degrading. This supercapacitor is said to have the ability to store so much energy it would not require recharging in less than a week. Also, it is quite efficient to the point that it could store energy to its full capacity with not much waiting time.

These supercapacitors will be composed of insurmountable pieces of nanometer-thick wires which are highly conducive. Since it is highly conductive, it will allow for fast electron transfer. Not only can it make phones charge faster, it could also significantly reduce the size and weight of the device.

Some scientists have indicated that the success of this project will be a significant advancement of wearable technology, as it could outdate present-day bulky batteries and lead the way to nanobatteries. Not only that, it could even improve the conditions of large-scale re-chargeable transport devices such as bikes and cars. 

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