A seemingly harmless-looking tree in Florida is believed to be the world's deadliest, with every part of it posing risks to people, from the fruit to the sap. 

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Manchineel Tree

The Manchineel tree has thin branches that are covered by waxy green leaves and little apple-like fruit, just like any other tree. 

However, if you eat anything from the tree, stay beneath it when it rains, use its wood to light a fire, or just touch its sap, you might be poisoned.

In 2011, the Guinness Book of World Records declared the Manchineel to be world's most dangerous tree. It can only be found in one state in the United States: Florida.

In the Everglades, to be precise. So, if you thought gators were the most hazardous creatures in Florida, think again.

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Why is Manchineel Tree Considered as the Deadliest?

The Guinness Book of World Records explained why the tree received the prestigious award from the record-breakers.

The sap that its trunk exudes is so poisonous and acidic that even the slightest contact with human skin causes blisters, and if it comes into contact with a person's eyes, it can cause blindness.

If the skin is wetted by raindrops carrying sap, even standing beneath it in the rain might cause blistering. Furthermore, a single bite of its little green apple-like fruit may inflict burning and intense agony, as well as be lethal. And if one of these dangerous trees is burnt and the smoke which the fire emit reaches a person's eyes, it may induce blindness.

The Manchineel is known as the "beach apple" because of its fruit's remarkable similarity to delicious apples.

Hippomane mancinella is its scientific name, which comes from the Spanish word "manzanilla," which means "little apple." According to the University of Florida, the tree was called "manzanilla de la muerte" by the conquistadors, which translates to "little apple of death."

Horrifying Properties of the Tree

The Weather Channel's Instagram account, which uploaded a photo of the tree on Sunday, confirmed the presence of Florida's hazardous inhabitant.

It shared a video of the tree's terrifying powers, with the caption: A tree that grows along the coast of Florida is regarded as the world's most dangerous. Here's why you should never approach the manchineel tree.

The comments repeated the record-breaking entry, warning of poisonous fruit, "severe burns" from rain combined with sap, blisters from touching leaves, and blindness from smoke if the wood was burnt.

Most trees have warning signs on them or are painted red to deter unknowing ramblers, according to the video. The fruits of the manchineel tree are toxic, so be careful. When it's raining, don't stand under a tree. 

The clip on the Weather Channel's social media post has over 2,000 likes since it was uploaded. Manchineel fruit is the fruit of the Manchineel tree. All sections of the deadly tree, including the fruit and sap, are poisonous.

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