The mining company Sun Peak Metals Corp now commencing Shire Project drilling for base metal and gold.

Two drilling operations

As of the end of October 2020, the company Sun Peak Metals Corp has announced that it is now conducting two drilling operations for base metal and gold in the Shire Project, in Northern Ethiopia. Another drilling operation is being planned for commencement beginning late November, also in 2020.

Sun Peak's drilling program is expected to have completed 8,000 meters by 2020's close, as well as 18,000 meters drilled by June in 2021.

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Copper and gold VMS

Sun Peak's drilling program is going to test a number of high priority copper and gold VMS or Vulcanogenic Massive Sulphide targets that have been developed by Sun Peak.

The operation will also devote its efforts to three other targets that were drilled last March in 2020. In addition, the focus will also be trained on the Meli VMS site, which is located about 40 kilometers southwest from Shire town proper, as well as Keel and Argo VMS sites which are located approximately 45 kilometers north from the Shire.

Drilling high priority targets for maximum results

According to Sun Peak CEO and President Greg Davis, the company will be going ahead with its plan to test drill its high priority mining targets, expanding its mineralized drilled zones conducted earlier in the year.

He added that their program will be creating steady updates on the results of the drill tests in the coming nine months.

Dealing with COVID-19

With regards to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Sun Peak Metals Corp wants to reiterate its commitment to the safety and health of each of its contractors, employees, and of course the local communities.

Sun Peak has safety protocols and added controls in place that are implemented according to the requirements and guidelines set by the government of Ethiopia with regards to safety.

Sun Peak's activities

The company is currently conducting an exploration of the Shire Project at the district scale in northern Ethiopia's Tigray Region.

Sun Peak has collaborated with East Africa for nearly two decades. Its strategy is in applying exploratory techniques that have been proven successful in this region in the past. It has produced significant discoveries, and the company aims to build its assets through such major discoveries.

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Shire Project profile

The four exploratory licenses of this Shire Project are as follows: Adi Dairo, Nefasit, Meli, and Terer.

These licenses cover around 900 square kilometers within the Arabian Nubian Shield. Geologically speaking, Sun Peak's licenses are within the same environment as the Asmara and Bisha Mine Projects in Eritrea to the north as well as Newmont's Project to northern Ethiopia's south.

Sun Peak's exploration in this area includes a VTEM airborne survey comprising 6,000 line kilometers that was completed last October in 2019, plus a ground gravity detailed survey of various high priority mining targets.

As of the present, approximately 24 copper and gold targets have been identified. Sun Peak is planning to commence drilling these sites and complete around 10,000 meters within the year.

Sun Peak Metals Corp has constructed excellent infrastructure in the Shire Project, with available water, power, and roads throughout the area needed for drilling base metal and gold.

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