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Poop Rains Down In Canada And Nobody Knows Why

Jul 07, 2018 08:02 AM EDT
Rain is bad enough, but fecal rain is even worse and Canada is on the receiving end of it. Authorities are still trying to figure out the cause of the foul-smelling deluge.
(Photo : Giulia Marotta | Pixabay)

Human feces have been falling from the sky like rain in Canada — and scientists are no closer to finding an answer why.

Storms are bad enough to deal with on its own, but imagine the skies opening up and delivering a deluge of fecal-like substance. This is what Canada has been dealing with for the past two months.

Poop Rain Terrorizes Civilians

The first reported incident of the so-called poop rain occurred on Wednesday, May 9. Susan Allan and her son were driving with the sunroof down in Kelowna in British Columbia, Canada when they halted at a stoplight and received an unpleasant surprise.

"This is where we were inundated with poop," Allen tells Vancouver Sun. "It was coming from the sky, covered my car, and got in my face and in my mouth. You could tell it was feces because it smelt like poop. But there was also a hint of chlorine. It was the strangest smell."

The next day, she visited the doctor to discover she has conjunctivitis or pink eye. The physician told her she has human feces inside her eye.

Another Canadian who experienced the deluge that same day was Ron Ackerson, who says the amount of fecal substance that rained down was enough to cover his car including the grill, hood, windshield, and even part of the tailgate.

Multiple incidents have cropped up since then, including one in Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories, Canada where black feces splattered a family's home, CBC reports.

Airplane 'Poopsicles' Not To Blame

At first, scientists assumed that the foul-smelling rain can be blamed on airplane "poopsicles," which is when a plane's bathroom leaks, freezes in the air, then melts as the aircraft descends.

Allen is similarly convinced, having seen an airplane flying overhead during her brush with the fecal-like rain.

It's a good theory, but aviation experts dismissed the possibility after their investigations.

Transport Canada, the country's aviation authority, explains that the fecal substance from the different incidents were missing a blue coloration that would indicate that it came from an airplane.

"The department's review has concluded that these incidents do not meet the description of blue ice and are therefore not aviation-related," Transport Canada wrote in an email to The Guardian.

Environmental scientist Robert Young says that the substance is highly likely to be feces as evidenced by the smell and its effect of pink eye on its victims. While unlikely, he adds, the poop rain could also be caused by a large bird or a group of birds.

David Lank, a research associate at the Simon Fraser University, remains unconvinced that it came from birds, though. The color is wrong, he points out to Vancouver Sun, saying the feces would be primarily white if it came from a bird.

"And the amount — it's too much even for a flock of geese all pooping simultaneously," Lank adds.

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