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Touch Device Heals Ailing Organs, 'Tissue Nano Transfection' Also Cures Brain Injuries

Aug 11, 2017 10:39 PM EDT
 A wireless sensor signal conditioning microelectronic chip
Nano chips are used for new approaches for health and well-being. The latest 'Tissue Nano Transfection' heals weakened organs and even brain injuries.
(Photo : Image by UCL Mathematical and Physical Sciences/Flickr)

Researchers from the Ohio State University made a breakthrough with the device that starts to heal ailing bodies with a single touch. The device called the "Tissue Nano Transfection" (TNT), will come in handy for car crash victims or even for soldiers injured on site.

How the Tissue Nano Transfection works

The dime sized silicon chip TNT attachment to the affected area on the skin converts healthy skin cells into muscle cells; TNT transmission of genetic codes to the skin help heal the injury. The process saw injured lab mice recover from a serious leg injury in just over three weeks of treatment.

Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and the Ohio State College of Engineering developed the technological breakthrough that generates any cell requirement from the patient's body and utilizes the cells to treat the weak area. The TNT technology can heal damaged tissue and rejuvenate aging cells including body organs, nerve cells, and blood vessels, reports Science Daily.

TNT technology is hope for brain injury repair

Chandan Sen, Director of the Regenerative Medicine and Cell-Based Therapies, cited a treatment of laboratory mice that restored their brain function after suffering from a stroke using the medical device. The TNT technology provided the cure by growing the cell requirement in its skin.

In a report published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, current methods of cell therapy expose the patient to high risks like the introduction of viruses that take multiple stages to apply. There is no side effects and treatment is fast and safe to use.

A useful handy device that can be brought along in the field for treatment

The portable TNT technology weighs less than a hundred grams and is a practical tool that is applicable in the field; it does not need a hospital or a lab to apply the treatment, and it can be done fast in cases of emergency, reports USA Today.

The device will soon be on trial to humans by the end of the year, Sen adds. After four years of hard work on TNT, the technology is waiting for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. Dr. Sen is now in talks with the Walter Reed National Medical Center.

The inventor of the novel TNT technology considers the skin as an agricultural area where the conversion of the standard cell to healing cells take place. By the application of the device on the skin, the reprogramming and the delivery of the healing cells start the process of cure.

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