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Increasing Focus Abilities Of The Brain, Practice Paying Attention Enhances Function & Concentration

Jul 31, 2017 07:37 AM EDT
Enhancing the brain's mental capacity to absorb more information and learning from it allows individuals to produce a more fulfilling output and an enjoyable experience.

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The human brain has over 1 billion neurons and each of the neurons has a capability to connect with about a thousand others. The intricate circuitry of neurons of the human brain sums up to over a trillion interconnections says Paul Reber, a Professor of Psychology at the Northwestern University, Illinois.

Training the brain to remember memories

There is no measure of the brain's memory capacity. If the brain has a measure of 1 neuron per memory, it will indicate a memory shortage warning as in the case of an iPod or pc running out of space, which is not the case of the human brain.

Remembering those memories and how to access them at will, increase the focus abilities of individuals that improve the functions of the brain. By paying attention to what you are doing or learning, enhances the ability of the brain to absorb details for better recall. Our brain continually is finding ways to improve itself, reports The Verge.

Here are some tips to gradually increase the brain's focus abilities: Witness your thoughts. By allowing oneself to be an objective spectator than ignoring thinking about what you don't want to think creates more space for learning. It is impossible to stop thinking.

Think as if the mind is a blank canvas. Let other thoughts pass by resisting the urge to follow them, only focusing on the task at hand. This tip will ease the pressure of brain clutter and will settle down to a relaxed approach in focus.

The counting technique helps. Try to count if the thoughts cluttering the brain interrupts the concentration. Deep breathing while counting will ease the stress and disallow the temptation to follow the thoughts that help in the focus process.

Pay attention actively. By putting several mental notes in the mind clutters the mental ability. Put it off and focus on the task at hand.

Be still. Uncalled movements result to fragmented concentration. Being still while paying deep attention will help in the absorption of information while focusing intently.

Draw away from physical distractions. The ability to focus develops when you stay still and doing the task at hand in deep concentration. Practicing this tip will later develop the urge to neglect to fidget on physical things and help develop the attitude to focus.

Put interest in tasks. Finding interest even in the dullest task will help the mind focus on the work at hand. Hobbies of interest could be helpful to develop the focus on attention to details.

Create an open Mind. Discover new and challenging mental tasks every day by indulging in activities that challenge your thinking capacity. The mind needs to develop its regular routine just like the physical body needs to improve its stamina and maintain the physique, reports Care2.

The accomplishment of more things is the result of honing the focused attitude. The absorption to the task at hand can create the sense of fulfillment, contentment, and fun.

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