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Extreme Heatwave Named 'Lucifer' Cause Death, Billions Of Crop Damages Rolling Down Southern & Eastern Europe

Aug 07, 2017 07:57 AM EDT
Tourists walk along 6th Avenue in Manhattan  in New York City. New Yorkers are experiencing high-than-normal temperatures as the the National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory in effect.

(Photo : Kevin Hagen/Getty Images)

Temperatures are rising to 100 degrees Fahrenheit scorching the areas of Southern Europe that include Croatia, Romania, Spain, and Italy. Eastern Europe is toasting in a hot atmosphere with sweltering temperature records of up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Scientists dub the boiling weather condition as "Lucifer."

Extreme temperatures Fan Forest Fires

"Lucifer's" scathing temperatures triggered as many as 75 forest fires in Albania sending weather warning alerts and destruction of crops worth billions of Euros. 300 firefighters and soldiers are now fighting the bushfires in the country. Albania seeks the help of the European Union to combat the situation as Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, and Macedonia are busy fighting their bushfires.

The worst effect of the heat wave is in the parts of Italy and the Balkans that comprise the regions of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, The Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia, the European part of Turkey, and Serbia, reports Reuters.

Trail of destruction and Casualties as Lucifer cruises through till the following week

Metro Alarm, Europe's Weather bureau issued a red alert warning to 10 European countries directly affected by the extreme condition. The havoc caused people to suffer heat strokes, and other ailments related to the severe heat "Lucifer."

The temperature over the 40-degree Fahrenheit scale will cascade through next week. The Italian island of Sardinia hit a blistering temperature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit. The most recent casualty is a woman swept away by muddy waters released by torrential rain caused by humid conditions near the Alpine Ski Resort of Cortina d'Ampezzo.

In Italy, humidity and other conditions are factors making the "Lucifer" phenomenon much hotter like the Campania, the region surrounding Naples hitting a staggering temperature of 131 degrees F. In Rome, tourists risk the penalties in braving to cool off in the fountains of the Eternal City, reports Mail OnLine.

Heat wave in the United States and other countries

The United States caught up with the broiling temperatures dubbed "Lucifer" in Italy. The Pacific Northwest that includes the States of Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington hit the 104 degrees F scale.

Spain is under the red alert warning issued by Metro Alarm where temperatures reached as high as 111 degrees F. The Southern part of Cordoba got an 113 degree F record. Serbia issued warnings and precautions to its citizens like shying away from alcohol, place wet towels on windows in the absence of air conditioning, and to avoid over exertion, reports The New York Times.

Experts say that a broader trend is causing summer to grow hotter every year. Global Warming is the cause for the climate abnormalities happening to the world.

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