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Anti-Pollution Face Masks Should Be an Everyday Gear -- Here's Why

Dec 23, 2016 09:39 AM EST
Face Masks Should Be an Everyday Gear
Air pollution is a serious health risk to humans.

(Photo : Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)

Many health organizations around the globe reminded the public to always wear anti-pollution face masks when out in public every day. This is especially true since the levels of pollution today have dramatically increased in the past decades. The health risks that pollution poses are real and must be addressed immediately.

The World Health Organization has always been warning the public of the grimed reality behind the health risk of exposure to pollution. With the ongoing issues and problems regarding climate change and global warming, people seem to forget that the primary causes of this would be pollution. Eco Watch reported that more than six million people die annually from pollution.

Although it is not immediate death, people usually suffer from the complications that pollution causes. The poor air quality that humans inhale on a daily basis may be one of the leading threats to health. Pollution has been known to cause respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and asthma. Added to very poor diet, pollution can pretty much weaken individuals in a short span of time.

Among the primary causes of pollution would be from emissions from vehicles, power plants and other industrial and manufacturing activities done worldwide. What many people don't know is that pollution not only happens outside of our homes but also inside with fumes from cooking oil, perfumes, and dust.

To remedy this situation, CNN reported that there are a number of start-up fashion companies that intertwine the functional use of anti-pollution face masks with normal, day-to-day clothing. By promoting it as fashionable, more and more people would be encouraged to use a face mask every day.

A designer from China even used fragments of limited edition, signature shoes such as Kanye Wests' Yeezy Boost 350 V2 as face masks to encourage the youth to be more watchful of their health and the effects of pollution to their overall being. 

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