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Scientists Scramble to Save Climate Data from 'Disappearing' During Trump Administration

Dec 14, 2016 08:14 AM EST

With only days away before the new president takes one of the most important seats of power in the United States, scientists scramble to save whatever climate data that they can from government servers to public servers. These are done in hopes of preserving whatever government data has been collected through the years in the fear that this crucial information will slowly vanish under the new administration.

In an event popularly known as "guerrilla archiving," scientists from all over the United States have gathered their abilities and connections to 'save' environmental data from the new president. The University of Toronto has released an advertisement to any possible volunteers who would wish to help with the mission.

 Earlier this month, there had been reports that Trump plans on fully closing down NASA Earth Science, one of the largest government bodies that collect environmental data. As it closes down, there is a question as to where the data will go.

The new President along with many of the members of his administration are known "deniers" of climate change. There had been numerous protests about many of the controversial statements that he has released through the previous year, especially during his electoral campaign.

Important persons of the scientific community including former Vice President Al Gore and Bill Nye has expressed their professional advice to President-elect Trump. The latter has even written in his book that politicians will eventually be forced to not only acknowledge climate change but to address it.  

Though there had not been any indications so far as to what the fate of the data will be, scientists have claimed that it would be best to be a step ahead than worry about the consequences of data loss when it already happens. A report from Washington Post states though many may think that this is an act of paranoia, for many members of the scientific community it is nothing more than just being prepared for the worst. 

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