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Strange 'Cylindrical Cloud' Found in the Skies of Japan

Dec 14, 2016 05:55 AM EST
Thick clouds
Unusual cloud formations occur more times that we think.
(Photo : Amory Rose/Getty Images)

A perfectly cylindrical cloud was reportedly found in the skies of Japan just last week. As news of it spread all over the internet, people were curious about this unbelievable phenomenon. Some netizens were quick to point that there is nothing special about the cloud found, but many still believe that the event is a manifestation that aliens may be among us.

The Sun UK reported that a Twitter user saw this perfectly sphere-shaped cloud at three in the afternoon in Fujisawa, Kanagawa. Soon after the photo was snapped, the cloud formation disappeared probably due to strong winds. The photo has created quite a media frenzy, especially since such a cloud formation has never been seen before. Other users have shared a similar photo, and it would seem that from different angles, the cloud was not really a perfect sphere.

A report on Science Alert explained that there is nothing too spectacular about this particular incident, and people should not worry about the possible cause of the oddly shaped cloud. A meteorologist explained in the report that unusual cloud formations happen a lot of times in many places all over the world. This particular cloud formation may be nothing else but a cumulus fractus cloud or small bits of clouds that are part of a larger cloud formation and were cut off due to high-speed winds. It may have obtained its shape from the way the wind strongly or gently blew on it.

It may not be every day that we see unusual cloud formations in the sky, but they are actually not so rare at all. Telegraph UK reported many spectacular shots of cloud formations from all over the world. Among the most popular and most spectacular would be the UFO-shaped lenticular cloud seen in Hawaii, the mammatus clouds or mammary-shaped clouds seen in South Dakota, and the shelf clouds seen in Minnesota.

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