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Climate Change 'Deniers' Are Becoming More Influential, Experts Say

Dec 07, 2016 08:07 AM EST

Climate change is a hoax -- this is the fundamental truth that "deniers" insist. Despite obvious environmental side effects, climate change is still not a concern for a number of people, and these people are not only increasing in number but believed to be gaining influence as well. The polarization of people's views regarding climate change is now on its biggest rift ever.

There had been reports that fake news has spread all over the world, claiming that there is minimal human influence in climate change. These reports have indicated that the global increase in temperatures in this year alone is attributed to the El Nino phenomenon. Though it is partly true that increase in temperatures in the past three years can be attributed to the El Nino phenomenon, it does not change the fact that it has been made hotter by mankind's excessive production of greenhouse gases.

Environmentalists and scientists are now terrified of the increasing number of climate change non-believers as the newly elected president of the United States has been openly discussing his "denial" of global warming. As fewer people believe in the harsh realities of this issue, there would be less and less action to remedy the now worse conditions on Earth.

There is a list of the many so-called evidence these climate change deniers insist. Among these is the idea that there had been no "recent warming" and that increase in temperatures have been ongoing for the past decade. They also point out that global warming is a "natural phenomenon" which occurs every few thousand years.

According to a report from the Guardian, pseudoscientific websites have been pushing this "conspiracy culture" to the point that certain websites gain as much as 57 million page views every month. It has been reported that this number is twice the viewers from two months ago. May it be bandwagoning or a change of heart, their numbers are now at an increasingly worrying number. 

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