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This Is the Reason Why Our Skin Does Not Leak

Dec 06, 2016 10:34 AM EST

Ever wonder why our blood and other liquids in our body do not leak out and leave us all dried up? According to scientists, despite the fact our skin cells die, dry up, and fall off every minute of every day, it does not seem to create holes that would allow liquids inside the body to leak out.

According to a report from Science Alert, the skin is made up of a unique arrangement of cells which are called as tetrakaidecahedrons. This particular arrangement of the skin cells creates a very strong barrier that not only prevents it from leakage but also protects it from any form of permeation. Even if the skin is quite thin, it can be stretched up to a certain level before it would rip out.

National Geographic explains that the skin is one of the most important organ systems in the body as it is one of the primary barriers against diseases. It not only acts as a shield but also as a waterproof insulator that can protect the body from extreme changes in temperature.

A study from the Imperial College London has discovered that the cells also produce proteins which act as the "glue" that binds all the cells together. This allows for no holes and gaps in between the geometry and formation of the cells.  The study has also explained that new cells are always formed from the bottom of the geometry which pushes up the farthest layers of the three-dimensional geometry of the cells. This top layer of cells, the older cells, are the ones that dry up and fall off. In this manner, it would seem as if the entire layer of cells has maintained its original thickness.

A report from Principia Scientifica has discussed that any type of flaw in this interesting mechanism in the skin structure may be the primary causes of certain dryness-caused skin diseases like eczema and many more. 

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