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The Universe Is Starting to Die, Scientists Say

Dec 04, 2016 11:31 AM EST
The Universe Is Starting to Die, Scientists Say
The universe may die in the next 10 billion years.
(Photo : Bill Ingals/Getty Images)

Scientists have been trying to figure out the age of the universe and have come to the conclusion that the Earth is aging. On top of that, it has been recorded from observations of different galaxies that the universe may be starting to die.

A number of research studies have explored the concept of the "aging universe." With no absolute idea of when the universe began, scientists are afraid of what may come in the event that the universe will die.

According to a report from Express UK, energy levels in the universe are dipping. More than a hundred galaxies have been surveyed, and "the levels of energy being generated are not even half of what it was two billion years ago. 

They have also found that the rate for which galaxies create new stars is slower. An interview of the U.S. National Public Radio with a number of scientists noted that this expected decline in the life of the universe may last for as long as 10 billion years, but no specific number can really be calculated so far.

It is without a doubt that the aging of the universe could be seen even in our own sun that has been estimated to reduce its energy more than a thousand years from now. As the universe ages, it starts to cool down. The temperature of the coldest white dwarfs, or dead stars, is how scientists approximate the age of the universe. As more and more of these white dwarfs are discovered, it gives scientists an idea of how old the universe truly is.

NASA has reported that even though the universe has been marked as an aging universe, it is without a doubt that new galaxies are still being formed. Devices are used to scan large portions of the sky, and they could detect new sources of ultraviolet wavelengths.

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