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World's Marvels: Replica of Titanic Being Built by China on Land

Dec 05, 2016 11:00 AM EST
 Scale model of the Titanic
Pictured is the scale model of the RMS Titanic.

(Photo : Getty Images)

China's tourism industry is reportedly progressing aggressively, and it is motivated to go big. Found hundreds of kilometers away from the sea is a life-size replica of the RMS Titanic. This modern marvel is being built in one of the provinces of China and is aimed to attract thousands of tourists not only locally, but globally as well.

The RMS Titanic was one of the largest and most luxurious ships ever built. It was designed with a hull divided into 16 compartments, all of which were assumed to be water tight. At the time it was built and designed, it was considered unsinkable. However, according to records from the History Channel, it was only in 1985 that the wrecks of this ship have been located, which has led to a clearer understanding on how this unsinkable ocean liner met its end.

Though it sank during its maiden voyage, the RMS Titanic will never be forgotten. The gigantic structure being built in China is the same size and likeness as the original ship. It was designed to have similar ballrooms and deck. It is one of the most ambitious projects of Start Energy Investment Group by far and it is set out to become a tourist resort along the Qijiang River.

The main purpose of this development, according to one of the chief executives of the company, they are aiming to provide not only a resort-style, luxury experience for their visitors but also to provide an enriching experience of history. They even plan to provide an area which allows its visitors to see simulations of the last few hours of the gigantic ship and even provide a historical overview of the incident.

According to a report from CNN, this project has garnered up a lot of criticism from many people globally. A tragic event that is being turned into a holiday paradise just does not seem to add up for many. However, the executives of the company investing in this project said that they have developed this as a means of respect and a way to relive and give tribute to the glory of the RMS Titanic. It is expected to be finished by the end of 2017. 

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