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Life on Mars: A Tiny Lizard Allegedly Photographed

Dec 01, 2016 03:28 AM EST
Mars Rover Spirit
An alien hunter claims that a NASA image taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover captured a tiny lizard on Mars.
(Photo : NASA/JPL via Getty Images)

What if there's an actual living thing on the otherwise barren surface of Mars? That would probably cause panic and excitement to the human race. However, this is not the case despite claims that a lizard or reptile was photographed on Mars.

The reptile on Mars was allegedly found on an image taken by NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover. Alien hunters analyzed and enhanced the image and, to their surprise, saw what seems to be a lizard gazing around its surroundings.

Reports from alien hunters say the lizard could be a kind of horned reptile. Joseph White, alien hunter and moderator of the YouTube page ArtAlienTV constantly posts images of what appears to be animals, such as reptiles and even dinosaurs, found on the red planet.

White even calls the planet "Mars Zoo" due to the overwhelming number of species he claims to have discovered by analyzing the images taken of the planet. As per the lizard on Mars, White claims it is less than an inch. White is open to the possibility of the lizard being just a normal rock. But he also believes that due to the scales and some shells visible on the image, the lizard could have been preserved for a very long time. This means that Mars could have had an alien civilization.

"Perhaps it was frozen and preserved when the atmosphere was destroyed," said White. "It could be just an oddly shaped rock but when you look at all the other things I have found like huge buildings and animal skulls then practically anything is possible," he added in a statement.

This year alone, there are already hundreds of conspiracy theories suggesting that there is life on Mars. However, none of those was able to provide a fool-proof evidence to conclude that there is still indeed alien species like the lizard on Mars.

Before the U.S. presidential election, there was even a sighting of a Donald Trump rock on Mars that conspiracy theories suggest as a bad omen to the candidacy of Trump, who, despite that, won the elections. NASA, on the other hand, did not release any statement about the latest lizard discovery on Mars. The agency believes that only science can prove if there was once, or if there is still alien life on Mars.


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