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Astrophysicist Claims Aliens Could Be 'Everywhere'

Nov 21, 2016 05:01 AM EST
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An astrophysicist believe that, in theory, aliens could be among us existing in forms that man's law of physics cannot comprehend yet.
(Photo : David McNew/Newsmakers)

Can anyone imagine co-existing with extraterrestrials? Some may find it absurd and appalling while an astrophysicist claims that humans could already exist with aliens who might be 'everywhere'.

Based on an experiment conducted by the said scientist, people may have been mistakenly taking intelligent alien life as advanced laws of physics. The theory suggests that most of the things human thought to be mysterious such as dark matter and dark energy could be evidence that alien life exists. These forces could be the 'influence' of aliens force and in a worst-case scenario, could be the representation of aliens themselves. And aliens could be everywhere.

"Perhaps hyper-advanced life isn't just external. Perhaps it's already all around," astrophysicist Cale Scharf said in a statement. "In other words, life might not just be in the equations. It might be the equations," Scharf added.

But of course, there is still no concrete evidence to prove the point currently being presented. What astrophysicist Caleb Scharf was saying is that all these are possible in theory. His thoughts were published in an article on Nautilus saying that there is a possibility that alien life could be so advanced that man's laws of physics cannot even explain what they are.

Experts will agree with Scharf when he said there are still cosmic events that even the brightest scientists could not explain. This means, his theory cannot be easily ruled out because there are still a lot of phenomenon in the Universe that are lacking scientific explanations.

His theory has something to do with how people perceive some things as magical because they aren't familiar with the technology. This is the case of today's technological advancement when viewed by our ancestors who haven't even seen an iPhone or experience Internet connectivity, to them all these are magic.

"What if life has moved so far on that it doesn't just appear magical, but appears like physics?" astrophysicist Caleb Scharf said in a statement. "After all, if the cosmos holds other life, and if some of that life has evolved beyond our own waypoints of complexity and technology, we should be considering some very extreme possibilities," Scharf added.

His theory is not the first of its kind because a lot of like-minded people are asking that if aliens are real, where are they? They could be everywhere.

Scharf argues that aliens may not look like what humans perceive them to be and that they might be more advanced that what humans can understand. This could potentially answer the question why humans still haven't found aliens yet, because the technologies available today cannot, yet, comprehend their existence.


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