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Renewable Car Diesel From Thanksgiving Cooking Oil, Is It Possible?

Nov 27, 2016 06:12 AM EST

Finnish innovators from Neste Corporation may have found the answer to the problem of disposing of holiday oils and waste by turning them into refined renewable car fuel. Is this the future of vehicular transport?

Neste Corporation is an oil refining and marketing company known as one of the world's leading renewable diesel producers. Based on their "The Future Project," they collect donated ham fat and other oil wastes from households around Finland to refine into renewable diesel.

According to reports, the company has done this yearly during Christmas where they can create more than two million tons of renewable fuel every year. The company has set its goals on expanding their production to other parts of the world and turning fuel from food waste into fuel for both private and public vehicles. Neste has helped in the production of renewable fuel in the Netherlands and Singapore. The U.S. has also committed to switching over to Neste's renewable fuel.

Now that the holidays are over, oil from Thanksgiving banquets is one of the major problems American households are dealing with. With more than millions of Thanksgiving turkey oil produced each year, it is estimated that it could also produce millions of refined renewable fuel. Just imagine how much reduction in household wastes this conversion of food waste fuel can create.

Not only does this process reduce waste and oil into the sewers and trash, it could also produce fuel which has approximately 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. From this study, it has proven and demonstrated that even households can work towards sustainable development in as simple as recycling.

With approximately millions of households that produce a considerable amount of waste during holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, a considerable amount of renewable fossil fuel can be produced. With this, it is hoped that reliance on fossil fuel can be reduced to a significant percentage. 

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