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New Zealand Geyser Shoots Boiling Water Into the Air; Is It Linked to the Earthquake?

Nov 30, 2016 06:09 AM EST

Locals living in Ohinemutu Village were shocked and rattled when a geyser erupted, spurting high-temperature water meters into the air. The Lake Rotorua has not been seen to erupt in the past years as it had on early Monday morning.

A spectacular and surprising event, residents said they were woken up by a loud explosion and a gigantic column of water as high as a two-storey house. A report from BBC stated that its height was approximately seven meters from the ground.  

Although the region of Rotorua in New Zealand is best known for their gigantic geysers, it is still a surprise for many locals to see eruptions such as this, especially from a lake that has not been seen to erupt for the past years.

Volcanologist Brad Scott told Radio New Zealand that although it may pose a small likelihood of danger, it is highly unlikely to be a hazard to the residents and the general public. When asked whether or not the incident is related to the latest earthquake experienced by the region, the volcanologist said that it is quite unlikely.

Geysers are usually located near an active volcano, and surface water gets in contact with hot rocks heated up by magma. As the water begins to boil, it increases the pressure underneath the ground creating a force that pushes both hot water and steam out a vent, a phenomenon called as a hydrothermal explosion.

The formation of a geyser and the recent strong earthquake can still be related to tectonic activity, but there is no way to point out and no evidence to suggest that both incidents as related. It could be said that the timing is just pure coincidence. Local authorities have warned the residents to stay alert but also emphasized that there is no cause for panic. 

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