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New Tesla Competitor? Jaguar Releases I-PACE Electric Vehicle Prototype

Nov 16, 2016 04:48 AM EST
Tesla electric cars found a competition as Jaguar unveils a prototype of its first electric SUV and experts say it can become a Tesla nightmare.
(Photo : Handout/Jaguar Land Rover via Getty Images)

Tesla electric cars found a competition as Jaguar unveils an electronic vehicle prototype in Los Angeles.

Elon Musk's electric car company, Tesla is undeniably the most popular electric vehicle maker today. But that might not be for long as the British luxury carmaker Jaguar is developing its line of battery-powered cars with the unveiling of its new electric vehicle prototype.

There is no question whether the British car company can rival that of Tesla's cars, the only question is that how soon can Jaguar compete in the market with its own e-vehicles.

Jaguar just introduced I-PACE, its prototype battery-powered SUV in Los Angeles. The car is said to be capable of going from 0 to 60 mph in about 4 seconds even if it's powered by batteries.The I-PACE is an electric SUV about the size of a Porsche Macan. Jaguar officials say it is different from any other car they made before.

The final model will be released in 2018 according to a report. I-pace is dubbed as a smart sports car equipped with an SUV performance rolled into one. That makes the car community anticipate the release of I-PACE in the market.

"It's a concept car, but honestly it's pretty close," Jaguar design director Ian Callum said in an interview with TopGear. "There's a few little details here and there that you won't see in production, but most people won't notice much of a difference. It's really quite different from anything we've done before, or indeed anyone's done before, really," Callum added.

Some even say that if Jaguar will produce the I-PACE for the market, it will rival that of Tesla' electric cars that boast of Bioweapon Defense Air Filter and a smart (yet controversial) autopilot feature. But what makes the I-PACE more interesting is that reports say, it can be plugged into a wall outlet anywhere in the world. However, there are not a lot of details about the compatibility yet and if the car can be charged in an easier manner compared to that of Tesla's. One full charge of its batteries can give the user more than 500 km driving distance.

Car enthusiasts say that this new Jaguar electric vehicle can scare Tesla. Banking on Jaguar's luxury car makes, the company also says the I-PACE is not like any electric vehicle out there.  "There's nothing in the market like it," Anna Gallagher, global launch manager for the I-Pace said in a statement.


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