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Mini-Tesla: Parents Can Now Buy the Model S For Kids

May 26, 2016 07:14 AM EDT
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Tesla partnered with toy maker Radio Flyer to create a mini version of their Model S car. The 'drivable' Mini Teslas are already available for pre-order this month at $499 each.
(Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

It looks like Tesla still has spare time for other projects despite the surge of orders for their new car model for the 2018 release. The company owned by innovator Elon Musk, partnered with toy maker Radio Flyer to create a 'drivable' Model S Tesla cars for kids.


The grown-ups won't be the only ones to showcase their new Tesla electric cars because their kids can have one and drive them around, too. Radio Flyer, an American toy company known for their toy wagons is working with Tesla to create pint-sized electric cars. Not only will it look like the actual version, the mini-Teslas will have some cool features as well according to a report by TechTimes.


The mini Tesla model S cars will be powered by lithium-ion batteries, a set of working headlights and a state-of-the-art sound system which can play music from any mobile device. The company thought about the luggage little people carry, so they incorporated a front truck which can house toys, supplies and packed lunch for kids.

Radio Flyer said that the mini-car is designed for kids aged three to eight. Customers can pre-order the car today but like its predecessor, the orders are way too high that is why orders placed today will be shipped this July.

The $499 model mini Model S was launched this month. The car can seat one (little) person and can also be customized. From Radio Flyer's website, customers can choose the paint color and some accessories.

There are three colors available: red blue and 'midnight silver metallic'. For the wheels, people can choose from black turbine wheels in either silver or black matte finish.  And just like the full-size model, car covers, customized Tesla license plate, and Tesla parking sign are available for purchase. Don't forget to get a spare battery which is also available online.

Currently, the baby Teslas can only be shipped in the US and in Canada, but who  knows, Elon Musk and Radio Flyer might just decide to manufacture and ship worldwide.


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