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Tesloop Offer City to City Autonomous Trips using Tesla Electric Cars

May 18, 2016 07:26 AM EDT

For those who wanted to be chauffeured in a Tesla Model S, now is your chance. A high school student by the name of Haydn proposed his city to city Tesla idea to Elon Musk and the tycoon approved of the concept.

"Tesloop" now caters to 15 cities in California in a semi-autonomous interstate driving service using Tesla's Model S electric cars.

Tesloop wanted to offer sustainable travel service for everyone. Instead of taking a bus or flying, you can now hire a Tesla electric vehicle to drive you interstate. According to Autoblog, the service is currently available between Los Angeles and Las Vegas with more routes coming soon.

Tesloop said their service is 'sustainable, convenient and amazing'. That's why the number of people who would like to try Tesloop services is growing rapidly. Tesloop added that this is the new form of mass transit. It enables travel in the least amount of carbon footprint while offering features that will make your journey more convenient like free snacks, drinks, pillows and even free Wi-Fi service

The long-distance car sharing service uses Tesla cars in auto-pilot mode said TechCrunch. The innovator, Haydn (his surname wasn't revealed because he is a minor), started driving a Tesla when he got his driver's license last year. He offered the interstate service to pay for the insurance. During one of Tesla's shareholder meeting, Haydn presented the idea which Musk agreed to right away.


But Tesloop had faced setbacks initially. Because Haydn is a minor, there were problems in securing licenses for this concept. That's why the co-founders and investors took turns in piloting or driving the Tesla to offer their service while Haydn mans the fleet.

Techcrunch added in their report that there are only two Tesla electric cars being used for this purpose. It costs around $100 for a one way trip between Las Vegas and the LA county area.

A car can carry 4 passengers per trip said CEO Rahul Sonnad. Tesloop is hoping that their fleet will grow as more and more people are interested in their city to city transport service.

Tesloop gives Tesla's electric cars more purpose than just serving one owner. With Tesloop, more people can experience the benefits of Tesla's renewable energy powered electric vehicles.

(Photo : Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)


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