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UN Aims to Save Climate Change Talks from 'Trump Effect'

Nov 15, 2016 03:03 AM EST
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Climate change experts are working hard to protect the Paris Climate Change agreement from the president-elect's belief pertaining to the issues regarding the environment.
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Having a president who called climate change a 'hoax' is an alarming scenario for climate change diplomats worldwide.

President-elect Donald Trump is expected to bring forth major changes with how the U.S. government handled issues including climate change. Some say even the climate change policy needed saving from the 'Trump effect' but do it?

It is worth noting, though, that Trump's stand will affect not only the U.S. and its climate change policy but it will have a global repercussion as well. Reports say that experts during a convention in Marrakech are working hard to instill to the Trump administration that the world needs unity in most aspects including the fight against climate change in order to succeed.

This was after the newly elected president of the United States threatened to withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement to which most countries in the world already agreed to in order to protect the planet from future man-man climate anomalies such as global warming and greenhouse gas emissions.

Rumors sparked last Sunday that Trump and his team are looking for ways to leave the deal. So climate change diplomats are also looking for ways to save the pact from the Trump effect. The U.S. withdrawing its support will have a big impact worldwide.

"The Paris agreement carries an enormous amount of weight and credibility and it has been signed by over 190 and ratified by over 100 countries and what we are seeing here is a lot of enthusiasm and a willingness to bring the process further," Patricia Espinosa, UN's climate chief said in a statement.

Trump's administration will start early next year, and until then there is no clear stand as to which path the new president will follow. Before Trump, the UN deal is getting ahead in making top influential players to sign the pact and enforce it. If the U.S. withdraws, it will threaten to disrupt the pattern and the world may not have a unified and enforced global climate change governing body and that would be tragic.

Sadly, some look at Trump's victory as the end of America's lead role in fighting against climate change. With that, a new leading nation is rumored to take its place and that is China, according to Inverse.

The Paris Climate Change agreement is to halt greenhouse emissions by 2050 and without the cooperation of all its members, the goal might just be impossible to reach.

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