There will be 5 percent less coffee in 2050 if there won't be a stop to climate change. 

Climate change has an effect to almost anything on Earth. Some of them may not be directly felt, but experts are still worried, due to the fact that some of these consequences of global warming will be felt in the next few years. Like the coffee industry that will be hit the hardest since experts estimate that the coffee production will be cut down since 50 percent because half of coffee farming lands won't be usable in 2050.

Not only will global warming cut down the produce, the quality of coffee beans is also predicted to suffer from a more bitter after taste. With the decrease in production, the costs of coffee will shoot upwards even with the decrease of quality.

The decrease in coffee farming lands by almost half means the coffee production may also decrease by 50 percent. This effect is just around the corner, as experts from the Climate Institute have predicted that this will happen in 2050. Since the extreme weather conditions got worse in the last few years, some parts of the world have already experienced changes with regard to coffee production such as Mexico and Nicaragua.

"Consumers are likely to face supply shortages, impact of flavor and aromas and rising prices," John Connor, chief executive of Climate Institute said in a statement.

There are about 120 million from the poorest nations in the world who depends on coffee industry to make a living, according to The Guardian. They will be the first 120 million to feel the effect of global warming to coffee farming even before 2050.

The coffee industry has an estimated worth of $19 billion worldwide. But according to reports, if the trend in global warming won't be curbed, there wouldn't be more coffee to enjoy in the coming decades.

"We're fearful that by 2050, we might see as much as a 50 per cent decline in productivity and production of coffee around the world, which is not so good," Molly Harriss Olson, chief executive of Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand said in a statement.

Although the heat is the major factor for the decline of coffee production, it can also be worsened by other factors, such as natural diseases. Aside from the effects of extreme weather temperature to crops, global warming also drastically affects the physical well-being of coffee farmers.

This is the reason why the experts concerned in the coffee industry is calling for more active actions towards the halt in global warming by saying that the results the people are seeing today are caused by "inaction" on climate change.