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Leonardo DiCaprio's Documentary 'Before the Flood' Discusses Climate Change

Oct 07, 2016 04:28 AM EDT
'Before The Flood' Special Screening
Leonardo DiCaprio calls for a more active fight against climate change in his new documentary.
(Photo : Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images)

The Oscar-winning actor maybe the famous "king of the world" in movies, but Leonardo DiCaprio is also making it big in terms of fighting climate change. A self-professed environmentalist, Leo managed to merge the two most important aspect of his life, film-making and fighting climate change as he released his new documentary "Before the Flood."

DiCaprio sat with President Barack Obama to talk about climate change and his documentary during the South by South Lawn event. The President is in one with DiCaprio and other conservationists in saying that the fight against climate change is of utmost importance. 

"Climate change is happening even faster than predictions would have told us five years ago or 10 years ago," President Barack Obama said during the event. "This is not something we can just mosey along about and put up with climate denial or obstructionist politics for very long if we want to leave for the next generation beautiful days like today."

DiCaprio, Obama and scientist Katharine Hayhoe engaged in a panel discussion before the highlight of the White House event, the screening of Leo's climate change documentary "Before the Flood."

The 96-minute film made with Fisher Stevens will air on National Geographic on Oct. 30. The documentary will discuss how DiCaprio raises awareness about climate change and the efforts made by conservationists to fight it. DiCaprio traveled to five continents in this documentary joined by experts from various fields. In the film, DiCaprio met with scientists and leaders like Pope Francis and Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.

During the panel, DiCaprio also revealed that he wants to go to Mars aboard the interplanetary transport system by SpaceX, something President Obama thinks is a crazy idea, but DiCaprio indirectly admitted that he is crazy enough to want to go to Mars.

Last Oct. 5, DiCaprio, joined by Mark Ruffalo, also screened the documentary at the University of Miami. "So many of these issues are going to affect your state directly," DiCaprio said on a panel at the University of Miami.

DiCaprio hopes his documentary will urge the public to actively join the fight against climate change as the consequences will affect every single human being on Earth in the long run.


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