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Chinese Spy Drone to Become the World's Most Powerful Unmanned Aircraft

Nov 04, 2016 09:57 AM EDT

China has just launched the first set of its amazingly terrifying inventions by far. A war machine in the making, CH-5 is an impressive unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) expected to outperform any existing drones in the world. Built to last longer than other drones, it has been reported to fly and simultaneously bomb targets without refueling for up to two days.

Experts noted that the CH-5, with a flight endurance of 40 hours and flight range of 6,500 kilometers, has better fuel span than the remarkable U.S. Predator B, which only has 20-hour endurance and 1,852-kilometer range. This drone could be used for electronic warfare, ground attack, surveillance, and early warning signals. It was also designed to be lightweight to improve its missile-carrying capacity.

This newly developed plane was presented at the International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition on November 2. Just a day prior, China also unveiled the J-20 Stealth fighter, a new 67-foot high-tech superspy plane expected to reach speeds of Mach 2, or a whopping 1,305 miles per hour. International media thought that this is all that China could offer, but they were in for a surprise. Maiden flights of the CH-5 have been set last September, and improvements of the plane since then has exceeded experts' expectations. The plane is so impressive that a number of reports show that this new addition to the world's best-known UAVs is on its way to be recognized as the "most powerful unmanned aircraft in the world" before it is even massively manufactured.

According to chief designer Shi Wen, all new aircraft and war jets presented by China in the exhibition were given permits for export. Furthermore, reports said that the Chinese government is in continuous negotiations with a number of foreign nations that wish to purchase the CH-5.

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