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Bill Nye Visits Ark Encounter, Calls the Exhibit Disturbing

Jul 19, 2016 03:36 AM EDT
Bill Nye
Bill Nye's visit to the infamous Ark Encounter has turn into a massive impromptu debate against the Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham.
(Photo : Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Bill Nye, "The Science Guy", visited the controversial Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Cincinnati and was surprised by what he saw, calling the exhibit an eye-catching attraction but is more troubling and disturbing than he originally thought.

The Ark Encounter is a 51-foot attraction that was built based on the biblical story of a man commanded by God to build an ark to save his family and a pair of each animal from a great flood set to wash up the impurities of the world.

Nye was an invited guest at the Ark Encounter, which opens its doors to visitors in last July 7, 2016. However, Nye was surprised on what he had observed in the gigantic attraction. He described the Ark Encounter as an "eye-catching attraction" but the whole experience turns out to be "much more troubling and disturbing" than he thought it would be.

On the third deck (of the ark), every single science exhibit is absolutely wrong," Nye told NBC News. "Not just misleading, but wrong."

Nye was given a personal tour of the 120,000-square foot exhibit by the founder of the Answers in Genesis himself, Ken Ham. Ham noted in his Facebook post that the tour with the Science Guy almost turned into a two hour debate as they walk past through the three deck exhibits of the Ark Encounter.

"Numerous children, teens, and adults swarmed around us as we passionately interacted as the audience grew. There were thousands of visitors at the Ark Encounter again today and a large group of them had a unique opportunity I'm sure they will never forget. Bill challenged me about the content of many of our exhibits, and I challenged him about what he claimed and what he believed," Ham explained in a report from Christian Post.

The ark features an exhibit of dinosaurs, which is strongly argued by Nye. Bill Nye has been known to be in strong opposition of the idea that humans and dinosaurs have lived together and that the Earth is only 6,000 years old.

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