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Jimmy Kimmel Slams Sarah Palin’s Skepticism on Climate Change

May 04, 2016 08:47 AM EDT
Sarah Palin
Jimmy Kimmel slams Sarah Palin's skepticism on climate change asking her who is she to question 97 percent of climate scientist.
(Photo : Kris Connor/Getty Images)

ABC'c late night host Jimmy Kimmel lashes out on Sarah Palin regarding the former Alaska governor's skepticism on climate change during the program "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Sarah Palin is one of the die-hard supporters of the documentary "Climate Hustle", a film suggesting that climate change is a hoax and that people don't need to be concerned about it.

In a clip shown in the program, Palin commented that climate change is perpetuated and repeated so often that too many people believe that "Oh, well, if 97 percent of all scientists believe that man's activities are creating changes in the weather, who am I to question that?"

Kimmel responded to the video saying, "Exactly, who are you to question that?" The late night show host then theorizes that maybe Sarah Palin wanted global warming because it's cold in Alaska.

In addition, Kimmel noted that the idea of Sarah Palin knows more than 97 percent of the scientist is offensive and dangerous.

"No matter what Sarah Palin and these geniuses she surrounds herself with try to tell you, climate change is not a liberal versus conservative thing, but the people who profit from ignoring it want you to believe it is," Kimmel continued.

Kimmel then proceeded to explain that climate change is not a matter of political opinion, but a matter of scientific opinion, which in this case overwhelming scientific opinion.

For Kimmel, people can know that climate change is real when the hottest year in record is whatever year it currently is.

But still, Kimmel don't have that much credibility to talk about climate change. That is the reason why Kimmel showed a 2-minute video of climate scientist and experts talking about climate change.

Just last month, during the preview of "Climate Hustle," Sarah Palin questioned the credibility of the Bill Nye, the science guy, saying that he is as much as a scientist as she is.

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