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Republican Candidates to Use Climate Change to Lure Millennial Voters, Bill Nye Predicts

Apr 10, 2016 08:14 AM EDT
Bill Nye
On a night talk show, scientist Bill Nye predicts that while GOP candidates denies the existence of climate change, they will soon change their tone to lure in millenial votes.
(Photo : Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

At present, the top Republican presidential nominees for 2016 have strong doubt or denial about the existence of climate change, but the winds will change once the Republicans have elected their candidate, Bill Nye said. 

During his appearance on the "Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore," the Science Guy theorized that even though the top GOP contenders don't believe in climate change now, they will soon categorize climate change as a "big issue" in order to lure in millennial voters.

According to a Harvard poll conducted in 2015, 75 percent of all the surveyed millennial accepts global warming as a proven fact.

Next Gen Climate also reported that millennials would most likely vote candidates that have clear programs in tackling the climate change issue.

Due to the fact that millennials will play a crucial role in winning the polls, Nye predicted that the successful Republican presidential nominee will go out of his or her way to cater to the beliefs of the youth.

Nye also added that only very few millennials are climate change "deniers." He said most climate deniers are older people.

In the recent polls of Real Clear Politics, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz occupied the top two spots for the Republican presidential nominees.

Both Trump and Cruz are not big fans of climate change.

In the 2015 report of Right Wing Watch, Trump boldly claimed that climate change is a myth. He said what we are experiencing right now is weather and weather changes without any intervention from humans.

On the other hand, his rival Cruz also questioned the existence of climate change by using what The Guardian called as "Cruz Climate Clangers."

According to a News Busters report, Nye claimed that Republicans ignore all the data pointing out to climate change because they received their funding from people behind the fossil fuel industry.

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