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VIDEO: Watch the Latest Ultra High-Definition 4K Video of Earth

Jun 21, 2016 01:54 AM EDT
German Astronaut Alexander Gerst Aboard The International Space Station
NASA released another 4k video reel of the Earth called Home. The video aims to present the Earth and the International Space Station (ISS) in the highest resolution possible.
(Photo : Alexander Gerst / ESA via Getty Images)

There's no place like home. NASA recently released a video montage of the Earth as viewed from space. The video entitled "Home" boasts of its 4k high-definition resolution, it aims to present the Earth in the clearest, most detailed view possible.

The less than three-minute video also shows the astronauts working in and out of the International Space Station (ISS). NASA aims to showcase how the agency monitors Earth's vital signs from various sources including land, air and space by using a fleet of satellites and the agency's ground-based and airborne observatories. The ISS is also the home of science laboratories and equipment conducting climate research, weather predictions, hurricane monitoring, pollution tracking and disaster response.

From the video, the ISS crew was seen doing repairs and conducting science experiments. Some behind-the-scenes were also including showing the astronauts eating and having fun. The 4K view of the Earth, the moon and some NASA telescope were also shown.

NASA always provides the people on Earth with ample materials to help them marvel at the majestic facade of the planet. Last April, NASA released a 4K video reel of the International Space Station as reported by Popular Science.

It wasn't the first time NASA used advanced filming technology to present the Earth in the highest resolution possible. NASA believes that the 4K videos are the closest best thing most people will see of Earth from outer space.

Earlier this year, NASA teamed up with IMAX to produce a documentary called "A Beautiful Planet" about the Earth. Using IMAX cameras onboard the ISS, the astronauts was able to film the documentary in space using IMAX technology. While last year, NASA also used a 4K GoPro camera during one of its spacewalks outside the ISS.

With the latest video and filming technology used by the agency, the world back home was able to enjoy the fascinating view of Earth as seen from outer space. The agency also hopes that with the videos, people will be more inspired to preserve the only habitable planet known to man today.


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