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Mysterious UFO Flying Past Jupiter Captured by Amateur Astronomer

Jun 14, 2016 11:35 PM EDT
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A footage filmed by an amateur astronomer shows a UFO flying past by Jupiter. It has stirred the interest of space enthusiasts, but experts are quick to argue that it may just be another asteroid flying by.
(Photo : David McNew/Newsmakers)

An amateur astronomer filmed a mysterious 'UFO' flying across Jupiter in a diagonal direction.

Conspiracy theorists must hold their ET dreams just yet, as experts suggest that the flying object might just be a satellite, a star or an asteroid.

The footage was taken from a four-hour video footage of Jupiter. According to Daily Mail, the mysterious flying object has once again stirred the interest of space enthusiasts. The Youtube Channel called SecureTeam uploaded the video.

SecureTeam calls themselves an "underground research channel" dedicated to exposing the alleged cover-up of alien and UFO activities on Earth and in space. Currently, the channel has almost 500,000 subscribers.

From the uploaded video, Jupiter can be seen surrounded by its moons and all of a sudden, a moving bright object hurtled and passed Jupiter in a diagonal direction. The video has once again sparked an endless debate about UFOs.

Considering the size of Jupiter, some reports assume that the flying object might be humongous since it was still visible alongside the giant planet. 

An amateur astronomer known only by the name Chris, took the footage last month. The astronomer was said to be filming the moon in high-definition when he turned the camera to Jupiter after noticing a moving object near the planet.

This month, NASA announced that Saturn, Mars and Jupiter are visible in the night sky. Also visible from the footage are Jupiter's moons Europa, lo, Ganymede and Calisto. This might be what the amateur astronomer was looking out for when he filmed the unidentified flying object, which appears to change luminance as it traversed the sky.


Extraterrestrial UFO or a natural celestial body? Experts agree that for now, no one really know what it is. But space enthusiasts shouldn't forget that there are diverse types of celestial bodies flying freely in the vastness of the universe. 


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