A flood wall holds back a swollen Skagit River from inundating Mount Vernon, Washington, on November 17, 2021.
(Photo : Photo by JOE NICHOLSON/AFP via Getty Images)

Authorities warned the public on Wednesday on traffic disruption which lasted for some time. Roadways lines and vehicles utilizing the Canadian port hub of Vancouver are experiencing substantial disruptions as a result of serious and pervasive flash floods in the Pacific Northwest.

Amid the situation firefighters recovered the corpse of Jose Garcia, 59-year-old in Washington statewide.

His son reported his father's plight to law enforcement agencies, telling them that he was latching to a small tree in the ground.

Garcia was dragged along by the flood on his morning commute in Everson, Monday, while contacting his relatives for rescue, police claimed.

In a recent report, Everson Sheriff Daniel MacPhee noted, "He informed his relatives he attempted to get out of the truck and was flushed away by the river north into ground."


Flooding Results to Delays in Major Ports


In an interview with CNN, meteorologist Rob Shackelford, more regional flash floods may have a burden on rehabilitation and reconstruction on Thursday, while Friday may offer limited respite.

Flash floods damaged around 75% of the properties in the adjacent settlement of Sumas, Washington, according to authorities.

Harbour of Vancouver representative, Matti Polychronis stated in the letter sent to CNN, "The Vancouver entry point is seeing considerably impacted train and cargo transportation owing to extensive inundation all across the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley districts."

While Canada police unit 1, Jonathan Gormick said that about 300 individuals were detained in landslides on British Columbia highways.

Wherein a lady suffocated in a landslide at Lillooet, that is situated north of Vancouver, according to Canadian authorities.

"The CN and CP key rail lines connecting Vancouver and Kamloops are presently inoperable owing to washouts and mudslides," Polychronis explained.

He predicted that the Pacific Northwest will receive 2 to 4 inches of precipitation on Thursday.

"Inundating damages on roadways continue to be serious and extensive across southwestern British Columbia, with all busy road pathways to the Metro Vancouver region blocked."

As per the customs officials, Vancouver is Canada's main port and the third busiest in North America in terms of freight traffic.

"There had been three situations in which automobiles became caught amid sediment transport, trapping huge numbers of individuals," Jordan Turner, Disaster Response British Columbia spokesperson stated

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Pacific Northwest Under Renovation after Severe Flooding


Mandatory evacuations in diverse regions such as Canadian National Railway (CN) and Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) have hampered initiatives to survey the situation to significant railway lines.

"I truly do believe there is some implications to response and rehabilitation effects for worst -hit tomorrow, however by Friday it ought to be satisfactory," Shackelford told reporters.

Meanwhile authorities are encountering difficulties as they seek to assess the severity of the injury.

According to him, it might take three days for movement to restart. He claimed that they were all finally saved.

"Both CN and CP rescue teams are removing wreckage and undertaking renovations at various websites, with progress made in rebuilding some affected train line portions." British Columbia and nearby Washington region were swamped with much rain and wind Monday that citizens were instructed to flee their residences.

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