A Canadian man suffering from respiratory problems has been labeled the world's first "climate change" patient, with doctors blaming his ailment on heatwaves and poor air quality.

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Historical Diagnosis

Dr. Kyle Merritt, who diagnosed an asthmatic older person from Nelson, British Columbia, said it was the first time he had written climate change as a cause of pain in a decade.

"We'll just keep slipping farther and further behind if we don't look at the fundamental reason and only treat the symptoms," the emergency department doctor told Glacier Media.

"It's just me trying to... "I'm trying to absorb what I'm seeing," he says.

Prevalent Environmental Concern

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In June, an unprecedented heat wave hit Canada, followed by a thick smog season brought on by wildfires.

In June, British Columbia, Canada's westernmost province, had record-breaking temperatures, resulting in the deaths of almost 500 individuals, according to experts. In addition, throughout July and August, the wildfires caused air quality to be 43 times worse than what is considered safe.

"We're in the emergency room, and we take care of everyone, from the most wealthy to the most vulnerable, from birth to death." And it's difficult to witness anyone, particularly our society's most vulnerable citizens, being impacted. Dr. Merritt told the site, "It's frustrating."

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Diagnosed After a Heat Wave

In her seventies, the woman was diagnosed in the summer, just after a heat wave, which Dr. Merritt believes played a role in exacerbating her condition.

"She has diabetes," says the speaker. In addition, he explained, "She has some heart trouble... She lives in a trailer with no air conditioning." "Every one of her health issues has become worse. And she's having a hard time staying hydrated."

Dr. Merritt's finding has prompted other physicians in the province to form a group called Doctors and Nurses for Planetary Health.

A Push to Safeguard the Environment

According to the website, healthcare professionals utilize the group to push for greater health by safeguarding the environment.

The group's website stated, "We are genuinely worried about the climate issue and its impact on health." "Our patients have been affected by extreme weather events like heat domes, droughts, and major wildfires this summer."

Environmental Issues

 Impacts of climate change: Greenhouse gases
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Major weather in Canada is one of many issues caused by climate change throughout the world, with extreme flooding, drought, fires, and heatwaves dominating the news.

At the Cop26 conference in Glasgow, world leaders pushed for more stringent climate action objectives to avoid more harsh consequences in the future years, and the commitments have brought projected emissions below 2 degrees Celsius for the first time.

However, climate experts worry that this is insufficient.

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