A healthcare system located in Colorado has started an intense debate after they denied patients that haven't been vaccinated organ transplants, saying there is a high chance of these people dying due to complications if they contract COVID-19.

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No Vaccine, No Organ!

The system was rigorously criticized after a woman that hasn't taken the vaccine revealed she was denied a kidney transplant after the hospital discovered she hasn't been vaccinated, giving her 30 days to have a change of mind and get vaccinated.  

When further inquires were made, UCHealth said they will be denying patients organ transplants in nearly all situations where the patient is unvaccinated, claiming that other institutions that perform organ transplant have similar policies.  

While the hospital has not disclosed the name of the patient, a woman from Colorado Springs has presented herself as the patient as she expresses her anger at the situation. The woman said she is being "coerced into making a decision that is one I'm not comfortable making right now in order to live", as per 9News.  

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Transplant and Covid-19 

However, there is a possibility of transplant centers continuing the policy with the US organ transplant system experiencing such dire strain. On the transplant waiting list, there are currently more than 106,000 men, children, and women to undergo transplants and a majority of them require a kidney.

Last year, more than 91,000 people needed a kidney transplant, but only 22,000 of the number received one and this is due to donor shortage in the US health system. Because of this, organs are usually prioritized so the best chance of success will be ensured, and rules like vaccination requirements are common.  

The woman and her potential donor must now look for other possible arrangements since similar institutions in the local region have turned them away due to the same reasons. Particularly, COVID-19 can be dangerous in a person getting a new kidney, with a great review identifying a significant increase in hospitalization and loss of life within a year of the transplant.

Covid-19 Vaccination
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Criteria For Getting an Organ Transplant

Essentially, alleviation strategies which mainly are the vaccine are now needed so that patients will not contract the disease. 

One of the most controversial issues in medicine is the selective distribution of healthcare. Current medical guidelines state that refusing patient care on the basis of their ideologies and in most cases their lifestyles is extremely unethical but transplants present a very difficult question.

With about 1 kidney for 5 patients that needs a transplant, should that organ be given to patients that are doing their best to make sure its successful? These types of exclusions can be found in other organ transplants.

In order for one to receive a new lung, patients are usually required to stay for about 6 months without taking tobacco and other substances, like marijuana. Also, vaccinations including Hepatitis B vaccines are included in such requirements in the UK. 

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