EcoFlow, a provider of portable power and renewable energy solutions, has released information on the newest member of its DELTA product range. The DELTA Max has modular, extendable storage capacity and other new features.

EcoFlow's arsenal of power stations and solar panels has already established the company as a significant player in mobile energy. The new EcoFlow DELTA Max, available for purchase in late September, will push customers' capabilities even further.

Environmental Friendly Storage

DELTA Max: EcoFlow Released Latest Portable Power Station Capable of Storing up to 6,048 WH
(Photo : Ecoflow)

EcoFlow offers environmentally friendly energy storage solutions with some of the quickest charging technologies available, with the ability to set from 0 to 80 percent in under an hour. EcoFlow has had previous success with its energy storage solutions, such as the RIVER Portable Power Station and the DELTA Portable Power Station, before the new DELTA Max.

It encourages consumers to "Unleash your capacity" with the new DELTA Max option, whether it's for emergency home power, energy for outdoor enthusiasts, or electricity for professionals working remotely.

This new power station has a capacity of 2,016Wh, which may be increased to 6,048Wh with two DELTA Max Smart Extra Batteries.

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The primary DELTA Max unit features X-Boost Technology, allowing it to power up to 3400W of devices. So if your house has a power outage or a climatic emergency, that amount of energy will power 99 percent of your appliances. Alternatively, you could bring your entire refrigerator to a game-day tailgate - that will also work.

This power station includes various connectors for DC output, so you can get plenty of power no matter where you are. Two USB-A ports, two USB-A rapid charge ports, two USB-C 100W ports, one vehicle power outlet, and two DC5521 ports.

The new EcoFlow DELTA Max station not only produces industry-leading output but also charges faster than the competition in true EcoFlow style. This is owing to the company's unique X-Stream technology, which allows the DELTA Max to quickly recharge at up to 1800W from a household AC charger. In approximately 1.8 hours, this approach can recharge your new power station from 0 to 100%.

If it isn't fast enough for you, don't worry. You may now charge the DELTA Max with AC while also using EcoFlow's Smart Generator, which adds 1600W to the total of 3400W.

If you'd rather keep the gasoline-powered Smart Generator for emergencies only, EcoFlow's Solar Panels may be used in conjunction with your AC charge, with charge rates up to 2600W.

Portable Power Stations

A portable power station is a device that stores an electrical charge in an internal battery and then transfers that charge to other devices such as a tablet, phone, or flashlight. Portable power packs (also known as external batteries/chargers) exist in various sizes and forms, but they all perform the same function.

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