This week, Tropical Storm Nicholas will proceed towards the Texas Coast and it will be accompanied by torrential rain and potential flooding. There is a possibility coastal areas will see storm surge and powerful winds.

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Tropical Storm Nicholas

Tropical Storm Nicholas has developed in the southern Gulf of Mexico and will propel toward the Texas Coast, gaining a little more strength over the next few days. Torrential rain and possible flooding will be a major threat for most regions within the storm's path which is coastal/inland Louisiana and coastal/inland Texas.

In addition to the torrential rain and flooding threat, coastal areas will witness the potential for powerful winds and storm surge.

Presently, the storm is not predicted to attain the rank of a hurricane prior to landfall, but that is not out of the question. If it eventually becomes one, it is most likely to be a lower end Category 1 hurricane.

A Hurricane Watch has been included for portions of the Texas Coast. Houston is also added in the Tropical Storm Watch that could be accompanied by significant flooding rain.

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Threat of Torrential Rainfall and Flooding

In spite of how powerful the storm becomes, the threat for coastal Texas and Louisiana and also areas inland will be torrential rain and flooding.

There is a possibility rounds of showers and storms will start Sunday evening through the middle to next week's ending.

Places that are very close to the coast are areas under the most threat of torrential rain and flooding. However, places even 100 miles away and more from the coast could experience flooding issues.

Presently, immediate coastal Texas and Louisiana from around Galveston to the southeastern Louisiana coastline could possibly witness the highest rain totals which are 10 to 15+ inches. Then 5 to 10+ inches of rain is likely to occur immediately inland from the South Texas coast and through the Louisiana coast.

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Flash Flood Watch

There is a possibility for about 3 to 5 inches of rain to occur further inland, including in Houston and places close to Houston, Victoria, and Baton Rouge.

However, take those numbers and understand that something isn't completely right. There is a chance they will easily increase, mostly for the Houston Metro area.

Officials have issued flash flood watches all along the Texas Coast both in areas close to Houston.

Hurricane Ida impacted Louisiana not too long ago, so the likelihood for flooding and torrential rain will definitely prompt problems for the recovery effort which is ongoing in the state.

Immediate coastal areas of Texas are predicted to witness about 2 to 4 feet of storm surge coming from Nicholas. Some regions could witness as high as 5 feet. Coastal areas and regions immediately inland will witness powerful winds from the storm also.

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