On the 2nd of July 1843 (on Sunday), an alligator appeared in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. The alligator rained down from the sky, according to the Times-Picayune's newspaper clipping in New Orleans.

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Weather Conditions on That Fateful Day 

The article speaks about the weather conditions on that day, and it made use of 1843 charm in doing so. It read that in Charleston, S. C., Sunday week was a day extremely bad for its heats, but during the night a thunderstorm relieved the weather's oppressiveness, of which, and an absurd event associated therewith, the Mercury gives the after account.

So in the less romantic talk of today, it was hot. The article says the entire firmament louded thunder and also shot lightning. St. Paul's Church was affected, but not severely injured. Apart from this, no casualty has been heard of, except the raining down of an alligator around two feet long will be accounted.

The alligator eventually ended up at Wentworth and Anson street, which is about a kilometre from a body of water, the article says.

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Alligator Arrives to the Downtown Area of Charleston 

Although some people noticed the alligator moving about downtown, the article says that humans have not been fortunate enough to find anybody who sighted him coming down - but the essential fact that he was there is incontrovertible - and as he couldn't have reach there by any other means, it was concluded collectively that he rained down.

The theory is the alligator arrived to the downtown area of Charleston through waterspout. The waterspout could have developed over a river or creek, carrying the gator and dropping him off on land.

The beast has a look of amazement and bewilderment about him, that revealed clearly enough he must have undergone an extraordinary experience, the article discloses.

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Alligator, (genus Alligator), any of the two crocodilians akin to the tropical American caimans - family Alligatoridae. Alligators are large animals, just like other crocodilians, they have powerful tails that are used for their defense and also in swimming. Their eyes, ears, and nostrils are located on top of their long head and slightly sticks out above the water when these animals float at the surface, because they usually do.

These reptiles can be differentiated from actual crocodiles by the form of their teeth and jaw. Alligators have a broad U-shaped snout and they possess an "overbite"; meaning that, all the teeth in the lower jaw can fit inside the teeth of the upper jaw. The big fourth tooth on server side of this reptile's lower jaw fits into a compartment in the upper jaw. Generally, no lower teeth are seen when the mouth is not open.

Alligators are meat-eating animals and inhabit along the borders of permanent bodies of water, like swamps,  lakes, and rivers. They usually dig burrows in which they relax and steer clear of weather extremes.

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