The 15-foot alligator which has caught the social media's attention for its gargantuan size back in May has once again resurfaced at the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida.

The alligator, which was named Chubbs, in honor of a character from the film Happy Gilmore, was allegedly seen by golfers, WTSP reported. In an interview with the news agency, Dave Staples, a regular at Buffalo Creek Golf Coursen said, "He comes out of the bushes. He is huge! Walks 10-15 feet, flops to rest, that's how big he is."

Ever since he was spotted last summer, the golf course had become more popular to people.

A staff previously told News 3 that the alligator is like the mascot of the place.

"He doesn't bother anybody and they don't bother him, he's like a mascot for the course, which is owned by Manatee County," Wendy Schofield told the news site.

General Manager Ken Powell himself had seen the alligator and claimed that it's not a nuisance.
"He's big, he's not a nuisance, he doesn't hurt anybody. He's got a giant reservoir to go to," said Powell in an interview with Fox News 13.

Powell added that the gator comes out at this time of the year since it is mating season. He said that currently, efforts are being done to avoid harming and disturbing Chubbs.

Orlando Weekly meanwhile reported that the largest alligator ever captured in Florida measured 15 feet long and 780 pounds.

More than a million alligators live throughout Florida. It is currently listed as endangered species though, as its relatives such as the American crocodiles are endangered as well.

CBS News said there have been 23 fatalities caused by wild alligators in Florida since 1973, among 383 unprovoked bites not caused by someone handling or intentionally harassing an alligator.