A terrifying sighting of a four-meter crocodile swimming at a famous beach in Australia. When found, the crocodile was thought to be up to four meters long. It was shot at Farnborough Beach in Queensland, where it was filmed swimming in the surf. 

(Photo : Rene Ferrer)

The croc was discovered by a local fisherman, who initially mistook it for a giant log.

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Crocodile in Queensland Beach

A massive crocodile has been sighted swimming mere yards from the shore at a famous beach.

On Thursday morning, the ferocious reptile, estimated to be up to four meters long, was observed floating above the waves at Farnborough Beach in central Queensland.

Local fisherman David Devine taped the crocodile's surprise appearance and said he'd never seen one in the region in his 10 years of fishing there.

He initially mistook the croc for a massive log floating in the waves, he claimed.

"That's unusual," I thought. 'When I got a closer look, I realized it was a croc,' he told Seven News. "Just seeing a croc in the wild was incredible. It's the first time I've seen one out here."

The lizard sailed around the shoreline for five minutes before moving on, according to Mr. Devine.

Another two-meter-long crocodile had to be removed from a pond near the Emu Park State School, around 25 minutes south of Farnborough, the day before the enormous animal was sighted.

The snake had been spotted in the pond by a horrified member of the public, who promptly contacted the council, who notified wildlife authorities.

The Queensland Department of Environment has encouraged anyone who sees crocs in the wild to use QR scanning codes along the Fitzroy River to report any sightings to the QWildlife app.

The government is following the four-meter croc's movements and has advised anybody who may come across it to remain a safe distance.

Crocodile Sightings

(Photo : Hiren Ranpara)

Hopefully, you'll never have to deal with a crocodile in the wild. However, depending on the scenario and your prospects of fleeing, you must respond accordingly. Fighting a crocodile is a difficult endeavor that you are unlikely to succeed at. So instead, your best alternatives are to remain away or flee.

Keep a Safe Distance

Keep your distance if you can see the crocodile from afar, rather than touching noses with him. Never feed crocodiles since it may provoke them to attack. Stay at least 20 feet away from crocodiles if you believe the region includes them or if there's a sign warning of their presence, according to the National Park Service.

Stay Away from Crocodile Infested Waters

American Crocodile
(Photo : Judd Patterson on Wikimedia Commons)

Because crocodiles attack and kill their victim in the water, the majority of crocodile assaults happen there. Crocodile assaults on land are quite rare, according to the Discovery website. Water assaults are difficult to predict because crocodiles are experts at "keeping quiet and keeping concealed" until it's time to strike. So, the greatest way to prevent crocodiles in the first place is to keep your arms and legs inside the boat if you're on the water.

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