Storms are responsible for the dumping of as much as 18 inches of rain across parts of Texas and Louisiana and have made driving a night terror Monday into early Tuesday and has shut down some schools.

A semi-submerged building in floodwaters
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Declaration of Flash Flood Emergency  

A flash flood emergency was declared for the southeast Baton Rouge, Louisiana, region overnight, where radar made an estimation that up to a foot of rain had fallen. The National Weather Service said reports on numerous water rescues have been made in the area. 

On Tuesday morning along Interstate 10 to the southeast of Baton Rouge, a traffic camera displayed floodwaters totally covering a portion of the highway. Water was also entering businesses and homes in the Baton Rouge region.

The National Weather Service Office in Lake Charles, Louisiana, made a declaration of flash flood emergency on Monday, in western Jefferson Davis parishes and eastern Calcasieu at around 1:45 p.m. CDT. Declaration of a flash flood emergency for the Fannett area in Jefferson County in southeastern Texas was also made.

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CPSO Deploys High Water Vehicles and Boats 

There was also a report of extensive flooding throughout Lake Charles, which is still making attempt to get better from serious damage brought about by last year's hurricanes Laura and Delta and also a February ice storm. The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office urges residents to stay away from roads.

Sheriff Tony Mancuso said in a Facebook post: "CPSO has deployed high water vehicles and boats on both sides of the parish and are we prepared to handle any call we receive relating to flood." 
He added that they are encouraging all residents to be alert and keep a close watch on the evolving weather situation. He also urged residents to stay at a place and they shouldn't travel on the roadways; because driving on the roadways during this period is very dangerous, and it can also cause damage to properties of other residents from the rising water.

Streets flooded with water
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Effects of the Flood

KFDM-TV reported that in Fannett, Texas, water was finding its way into homes. Reports close to the town revealed that rain as much as 18 inches had fallen. A school bus was trapped in standing water outside of Lumberton after its rear wheels were unable to move because it got trapped in a culvert, KFDM reported. Approximately 48 miles to the northeast in Jasper, U.S.

Highway 98 was shut down when the bank of Sandy Creek was overflowed and the water flowed across the roadway. It stayed closed until nearly 1:30 p.m. CDT.  KJAS-TV reported that all of Jasper's schools were shut down on Monday and buses weren't able to run. Parents were called to pick up their children.

According to KTRE-TV, Police in Tyler shut down Douglas Boulevard as water accumulated there, making threats to flood car parked along the street. 

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