This past February for four days and three nights, a dog helplessly stranded on an ice floe in the frozen waters of the Detroit River located between the U.S. and Canada fought to remain alive.

Meet Miracle: Abandoned Dog Saved From Icy River Gets Adopted by Rescuer 4 Days Later!
(Photo : Photo: Screenshot from Woodhaven Animal Hospital)

The Dog Hoped For a Miracle

Even though the situation was hopeless, the dog hanged on for a miracle and it got one at last. Initially sighted by a wildlife photographer taking images on the Michigan bank of the river, early enough, parties on both sides of the border that were concerned were fighting to find a way to rescue the endangered pup, but they were opposed by extreme elements.

After tapping too many resources, it appeared no one could help, but rescuers that were determined refused to give up.

Patricia Trevino of the River Rouge Animal Shelter (RRAS) said to WXY -Detroit: "We had to wrestle for him, It was a magnitude of frustration I would never felt because this was a life; it was out there in our presence. We could all spot it."

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The Dog Was Saved

That is when Jude Mead and his son, who is an owner of a marine construction company located in Windsor, Ontario, literally took the control of the lifesaving operation. Embarking in an airboat lent to them by the BASF Corporation, the both of them were able to make their way across the ice, discovering and saving the dog with relative ease.

After spending such a long time in sub-zero temperatures - most of the time under the strenuous threat of prowling coyotes - the unfortunate pooch was in a pretty bad condition. Once ashore, he was taken instantly to Woodhaven Animal Hospital for a check-up.

Treatment of the Dog

The diagnosis clarified the young dog endured dehydration, frostbite, and pancreatitis due to his misery, however, the veterinarians speculated that the dog's fur was badly matted and was likely a blessing in disguise, keeping him from further danger.

Woodhaven veterinarian Dr. Lucretia Greear said to The Detroit Free Press: "I feel like what rescued him out there is the fact that he was not prepared and his coat was battered, he had literally like a layer of covering that guarded him against the water and the ice and it kept him from freezing to the point of death - but he is a miracle."

(Photo : Pixabay)

Alonso Was Renamed and Put Up for Adoption

 After his fortunate treatment and recovery, the lucky pup, who was called by the name Alonso, was properly given another name, 'Miracle', and put up for adoption. While there were many applicants for the role of the new pet parent, when the man who removed him from the ice came forward to lay his claim, the shelter staff concurred that nothing could seem more right than bringing them together again.

Friends of the RRAS announced: "Today the story came full circle. Presently, the young Miracle dog was placed in the care of the hero who saved his life. This dog who held out against ALL THE ODDS will now live happily ever after with the person who saved his life" 

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