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Swino Dies: Drunk, Cow-fighting Australian Pig Killed by Vehicle

Oct 07, 2013 11:21 AM EDT

A feral pig nicknamed "Swino" after rising to Internet fame by drinking 18 beers at an Australian campsite and getting into an altercation with an innocent cow, died after being hit by a vehicle.

The Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) reported that Main Roads, the government highway division in Western Australia's Pilbara region, confirmed that a feral pig stuck by a vehicle on a motorway was indeed Swino. The pig was identifiable by distinct markings on his ears and by its spotted coloring.

Swino earned his boorish nickname after a series of incidents last month where campers at site in remote Western Australia reported the boar ransacking waste bins and campsites and showing a preference for a cold beer.

One camper, who was only identified as Merida, told ABC that the pig got into 18 beers, ransacked the campsite's garbage bins and got into a fight with a cow.

"It was in the middle of the night and it was these people camping opposite us and they heard this crunching of the can and they got their torch out and shone it on the pig and there he was scrunching away at their cans," Merida said.

Merida added "there was some other people camped right on the river and they saw him running around their vehicle being chased by a cow."

The pig later took a drunken swim in a nearby river before passing out beside a log.

It was unclear whether Swino had been drinking before being struck on the motorway.

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