San Francisco breweries crafted beers made from purified wastewater.

Stone Brewing revealed this month their "Full Circle Pale Ale," which was made using the recycled water from Pure Water San Diego, while Ballast Point, released Padre Dam Pilsner with water from another recycling facility, Smithsonian Mag reported.

The Full Circle Pale Ale was only around five half-barrels and was limited to a special event for San Diego's recycled water campaign, part of San Diego's $3 billion project, which plans to use recycled water for one-third of its water supply within the next 20 years, Times of San Diego noted.

Fourteen other breweries participated in the Pure Water Brew Contest held this past weekend.

Mashable reported that Stone's beer was declared "fantastic" by San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Stone CEO Pat Tiernan contended, the purified water used for Full Circle Pala Ale was better than the others they have used before.

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So how did Stone process the beer?

In an interview with National Public Radio, Tim Suydam, Stone's senior water operations manager, said:

"It starts off with what we call Title 22 water. The water is secondary effluent from a wastewater treatment plant, and it goes through ... media filters, similar to what would be at a regular water treatment plant. And then it goes through a whole host of additional treatments so that the water that comes out the back end is very high quality - it's better than what comes out of the tap."

After which, it goes through, ozonation, biologically active carbon contactors, microfiltration, reverse osmosis, and UV chemical oxidation.

The need to conserve water has pushed humans to find ways to recycle water. BBC noted that if an average city recycled all its wastewater, it could reduce how much water it needed by 60 percent.

A few years ago, Bill Gates was guessed on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to chug down "poop water," and ultimately, to convince everyone that recycled water is safe to consume.

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