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Martian Beer, Anyone? Budweiser Plans to Brew Beer on the Red Planet

Mar 15, 2017 09:53 AM EDT

If you are looking for a new destination for your Friday beer nights, why not the Red Planet? That's right, Mars is becoming the destination in mind of some giants in the industry, including Budweiser and CASIS.

In fact, the companies are very much curious just how their new experiments in the International Space Station may show the potential of drink and brew beer in the Red Planet.

According to a Seeker, the new "Bud on Mars" initiative has partnerships with different corporations that may eventually lead to the creation of beer from outer space.

The goal of the mission is for Budweiser to spend 152 days inside the ISS and brew beer, giving astronauts something to remind them of home. 

Of course, the objective has its own challenges. Outside the technical difficulties, there is also the matter of "wet burps." These are occurrences where the liquid in the stomach will separate from the air.

In fact, drinking beer itself might be difficult in space. Unlike on Earth when the fizz just "pops" out, in space, the drink may eventually pop out -- literally. Astronauts may more or less clean the drink before even getting to drink it.

To avoid such thing, a new bottle design that's compatible in space should be created.

As for the brewing itself, CASIS and Budweiser plan on making experiments to take their barley malt to the space station to examine what effects space has to brewing beer. The samples will be brought back to Earth and then "replanted" to see what sort of product gets created from space-grown malts.

According to Valerie Toothman, the Anheuser-Busch's vice president for marketing innovation, the plan will take the "Budweiser experience" to the future.

In fact, she acknowledged that while it may take a while before man actually settles on the Red Planet, the company wants to let enthusiasts know that they are very much behind them in their endeavors.

An event from Budweiser commemorated the announcement with a specially-labeled "Bud on Mars" beverage. Former astronaut Clayton Anderson and the ISS's Patrick O'Neill were there as well. Kate Mara who was cast in the 2015 movie "The Martian" led the event.

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