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Over 300 Scientists, Climate Change Skeptics Urged Trump to Withdraw from UN's Climate Change Treaty

Feb 24, 2017 04:06 PM EST
Donald Trump
A group of over 300 scientists and climate change skeptics has recently wrote a letter to President Trump and Vice-President Biden to withdraw from UN Climate Change Treaty.
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President-elect Donald Trump is known for his skepticism in regards to man-made climate change, This might be the reason why many scientists and climate change deniers have become more active and expressive now that Trump holds the oval office.

According to the report from Washington Times, a group of over 300 scientists and climate change skeptics has recently wrote a letter to President Trump and Vice-President Biden. In the letter, the scientists urged trump to completely withdraw from the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC). The group claims that the policies under this treaty can "cause serious social and economic harm, with no environmental benefits."

The UNFCC is an international treaty established in 1992 to mitigate climate change. Among its requirements, a signatory is required to disclose its greenhouse gas emissions annually. The treaty was signed by more than 150 countries, including United States.

Led by MIT professor emeritus and prominent climate change skeptic Richard Lindzen, the groups also wrote that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. They pointed out that the increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are environmentally helpful to crops and other plants, making carbon dioxide a plant food and not poison.

The group, which mostly consists of local and international meteorologists, physicists, atmospheric scientists and professors, also noted that "climate discussions have long been political debates, not scientific discussions, over whether citizens or bureaucrats should control energy, natural resources and other assets."

During the presidential election, Trump voiced out his plans to renegotiate the America's role in the recently form Paris Agreement on Climate Change. He claimed that the agreements are all one-sided and bad for the U.S.

In the final stretch of his campaign, Trump also promised to cancel America's pledge to give a couple of billion dollars as global warming payments to UN's Green Climate Fund. Trump proposed that the billions of dollars in payment to UN would be better if used in US alone.

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