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Elon Musk: Make Earth a 'Multi-Planet Civilization' via Trump's Advisory Council

Feb 15, 2017 10:49 AM EST

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said he will be leaving U.S. President Donald Trump's business advisory council, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted he is intended in making Earth a "multi-planet civilization" and would not leave Trump's advisory team.

The Presidential Advisory Forum is a group of individuals selected by the president to give advice on certain matters concerning the welfare of the U.S. in numerous fields.

Musk, who is part of the group dedicated for scientific discoveries, also clarified that he wanted to use his position to encourage the administration to pursue sustainable goals such as the use of renewable energy and space colonization.

The effort to make Mars "colonizable" will soon push efforts to have other planets be "terraformed" to suit human life as well. If this becomes successful, then Musk will have a hand in making humans a multi-planet civilization.

In a report from Inverse, SpaceX shared a video showing whatnJourney to Mars would look like. A spaceship will begin its trip to Mars while solar rays fan out from the back of the ship. This will be able to provide the rocket energy as it leaves the so-called "interplanetary coast" at a speed of 62,634 miles per hour.

The concept is still experimental and is being explored. Regardless, SpaceX is the biggest private corporation that is pursuing space exploration and colonization.

Musk took to Twitter to clarify that he decided to be a part of the Presidential Advisory Forum to provide insights on issues important "for the country and for the world." However, he and his colleagues did express their objections to the recent executive order on immigration.

According to InverseMusk's statement could have been damage control to avoid what happened to Kalanick, who faced criticisms via the #DeleteUber boycott for his support on Trump's Muslim ban.

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