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The Dipole Repeller: How This Void is Pushing the Milky Way Through the Universe

Feb 10, 2017 09:50 PM EST
The Dipole Repellent Explained: The Void That Is Pushing The Milky Way Through The Universe
A new study offers new evidence of the multiverse.
(Photo : NASA/Getty Images)

A mysterious "void" is pushing the Milky Way galaxy through the universe at very immense speeds, making it look like we are fleeing from a scary and mysterious "dead zone" at a whopping 2 million km/h.

Tagged as the "Dipole Repeller," not much is known about the phenomenon. However, curious minds ought to learn about this by remembering how revolution works. 

It can be remembered that the planet is orbiting the Sun at speeds of roughly 100,000 km/h. However, a force is making the Milky Way galaxy move through the universe at 630 km/s.

According to Science Alert, considering the landscape of the universe, the Milky Way is actually behind a dense superclusters of galaxies. The Shapley Concentration has 650 million light-years' worth of galaxies inside of it, and somehow, it's pulling the Milky Way towards it. 

On top of that, scientists have recently discovered that there is yet another force behind the Milky Way that is pushing it apart. Mysteriously, this region of space does not contain anything within it. 

Cosmologist Yehuda Hoffman from Hebrew University of Israel and his team constructed a new 3D map of the nearest galaxies and discovered this new "dead zone." They named it the Dipole Repeller. 

The simulation shows that the Milky Way can be found smack in between the Shapley Concentration and the Dipole Repeller. The latter pushes us away from it as the Shapley is pulling us towards it.

Hoffman explained in Wired that the forces from the two gigantic areas can explain why the Milky Way is moving in such a strange way. 

Researchers have already speculated in the past that there must be something behind Milky Way that is pushing it further. This is because regardless of the Shapley Concentration's size, it is incapable of moving the Milky Way galaxy the way it is moving now. 

The Shapley Concentration is also the largest space with the most number of matter in the observable universe. It is currently a billion light-years in radius, but surely, there are more like this outside the observable universe. 

Brent Tully from the University of Hawai'i said that the Dipole Repeller was already hinted in numerous studies about the Milky Way. However, the statistics at the time were not as convincing as they are now. Regardless, the phenomenon cannot be easily studied today given the limitations of modern technology. 

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