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Abe to Help Trump? Japan Proposes 700,000 US Tech Jobs to Solve Employment vs Automation Debacle

Feb 14, 2017 10:24 AM EST

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is preparing a proposal for a new bilateral economic cooperation with U.S. President Donald Trump. The plan, which Abe is expecting to lay out when they meet this week, involves the creation of a $450-billion market through railways as well as other investments in technology, robotics and energy that could generate 700,000 jobs.

A Response to Trump's Doubt on Japan

According to Japan News, this proposal by Abe may be in response to the criticisms from Trump on some aspects of the Japanese market. This includes the car industry and the depreciation of the yen, which may led to Trump doubting the potential of the partnership between the two countries.

In turn, Abe wishes to propose a Japan-U.S. economic cooperation plan that focuses on five fields. He emphasized that this will be useful and helpful to the U.S. economy, especially now that there are rising concerns about automation replacing modern workers. 

Abe said these five fields focus on the development of advanced infrastructure in the U.S. Eastern countries, including Japan, are becoming powerhouses in various technological fields. The prospect of unity between the two nations in this regard can boost the United States' place in becoming one of the global leaders in electronics.

High-Speed Railways and Modern Transportation

According to Reuters, the five fields in focus are global infrastructure, electronics and space technology, robots and artificial intelligence, as well as employment and defense cooperation. The said fields are vital in changing the technological landscape of the world, considering that there have been a lot of discoveries in recent years especially in the area of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Abe said plans on infrastructure focus on a variety of new projects. For instance, Fortune notes that there are plans for high-speed railways in Texas and California. Japan will also help replace 3,000 train cases used on subways and railways over the next decade with newer, more efficient models. Even military ventures such as newer planes and ships are being discussed in the document to be presented in Abe and Trump's meeting.

Proposal for Gas and Nuclear Power

Aside from these, the energy sector is also being considered. Japan will help in creating highly efficient power generation when it comes to gas and nuclear power.

As for technology, the partnership between the two countries would produce immense advancement. After all, Japan has the edge when it comes to robotics, while the U.S. is making huge strides in artificial intelligence. 

There are currently no active responses -- positive or negative -- from the United States.

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