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Success! Scientists Transform Hydrogen to Metal; Could Revolutionize Spaceflight, Computers

Jan 30, 2017 08:24 AM EST

Scientists have just turned hydrogen into metal in what appears to be a stunning act of alchemy that would soon revolutionalize the field of technology and spaceflight.

This is the first-ever sample of metallic hydrogen that has existed on the planet. Meaning this has never existed in the planet's history. 

According to The Independent, the scientists from Harvard University, have succeeded in creating a tiny amount of what is possibly the rarest and most valuable metal so far.

In their study, published in Science journal, metallic hydrogen can create super-fast computers and even high-speed levitating trains, ultra-efficient vehicles, and basically improve anything with electricity. It even has surprising impacts in the field of astronomy.

However, the prospect is at risk as the next step, to establish whether the metal is stable at normal pressures, is a challenging prospect.

Isaac Silvera, who made the breakthrough with Ranga Dias, said this is the holy grail of high-pressure physics so far. The piece of metal can only be seen through two diamonds that were used to crush liquid hydrogen at a temperature that is far below freezing. However, the amount of pressure needed to accomplish this will be immense -- more than what is found at the center of the Earth.

The sample has remained trapped in this grip, but in the next few weeks, the researchers are planning to ease the pressure. According to one theory, metallic hydrogen should be stable at room temperature, and this is important.

A diamond, for instance, stays like a diamond after it's taken out of extreme heat and pressure. If this is also possible with metallic hydrogen, then this can improve anything made out of electricity. It can save energy if used as wires, and make rocket fuel four times more powerful than normal.

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