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Tesla to Fine Users Who Hog Its Supercharger Stations for Electric Cars

Dec 19, 2016 04:20 AM EST

Tesla is finally putting an end to the misery of many electric car users complaining about how some Tesla owners are hogging Supercharger Stations located around the country. By doing so, Tesla owners will be given equal opportunity to charge their electric vehicles.

To stop hogging, Tesla introduced an "idle fee" that will apply to fully charged units that are still occupying Supercharger slots. Elon Musk's electric car and renewable battery company acted on complaints by its users after the number of idle cars blocking the Supercharge network increased.

"To create a better experience for all owners, we're introducing a fleet-wide idle fee that aims to increase Supercharger availability," a Tesla official said in a press release. But that's not all the company is doing to alleviate the problem. With the vision of having more electric vehicles in the future, Tesla dreams of making the cars automatically move away from Supercharger slots once fully charged. The motivation is to make using electric vehicles efficient and an enjoyable experience for all users.

The new Tesla app will alert owners when the charging of their vehicle is almost complete and another notification will be sent once it is done. For owners who failed to remove their fully charged vehicles from the Supercharger slot, they will be fined $0.40 idle fee. However, moving the car within a five-minute grace period will automatically waive the fee. "We're excited to increase availability during long distance travel and think this change will make the Supercharging experience far better for everyone," the official said in the same report.

Currently, there are 769 Supercharger Stations in the U.S and Canada, according to Fortune. Every electric car owner's concern is the location of charging stations if there's a need for it on the road. Earlier this year, Business Insider reported that all new Tesla proud owners would be charged for using the stations.

Based on Tesla's report, this new process is in not introduced just to earn more money for the company. Tesla says this was entirely enforced to enhance the user's "Supercharging experience".

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